Open DHCP Server


Open Source Freeware Windows/Linux. MultiSubnet MultiDomain DHCP Server supports every Industry Standard Feature and DHCP Option.

In addition, two instances can be installed, which work in load shared fail safe mode. If one DHCP Server goes down, other can still renew the leases issued by failed server. Database of both servers remain in Synch and there are never any duplicate leases. It supports features like:-

  • Dynamic and Static Leases
  • Upto 125 DHCP Ranges and Upto 125 Listening Interfaces
  • MultiSubnet and Multiple Domains.
  • Relay Agents, BOOTP and PXE Boot
  • Automated, sophisticated DHCP Range Selection
  • DHCP Range Filters based on Mac, Vendor and User Class
  • Options can be specified Client Specific, Range Specific or Global
  • Lease Status in auto refreshing html page
  • Supports Duplicated Replicated Operation
  • Very simple to install and use, even by person not having DHCP concepts
  • Very low memory and CPU use
  • Download from
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